Adhesive Sticker ABS Plastic Hook Towel Hanger for Kitchen/Bathroom

Adhesive Sticker ABS Plastic Hook Towel Hanger for Kitchen/Bathroom

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    Product Description

    Adhesive Sticker ABS Plastic Hook Towel Hanger for Kitchen/Bathroom

    Kitchen Bathroom Heavy Duty Self Adhesive 6 pieces Wall Hooks

    • Stylish Appearance The unique white color design makes it almost invisible which is quite suitable for nice home decoration.
    • Perfect Design: Save space and worry no more about project design its a must have gadget for your home day life.
    • Easy to Use: You simply have to clean and dry the surface, peel off back protection and stick it on the smooth surface.

    Space Saving Versatility

    • It's common knowledge that a clear space translates into a clear mind.
    • With the Adhesive hook, putting your space back into order will be a breeze

    Good hooks are never enough, Too many places in the house need it.

    • Designed White Color, clean and tidy, time can not change its color, long also durable.
    • Ideal home improvement choice for your bathroom, basement, window, outdoor, kitchen, decorations, including hooks, coat hooks, key hooks, bath towel hooks, etc.

    How to install:

    • Before installing the adhesive hook, please make sure the surface is clean, dry, free from dust and oil, and wipe it dry first.
    • Remove the transparent film on the back of the hook.
    • Paste on any smooth surface and press it tightly to remove any bubbles.
    • Maximum load: 13lbs.
    • We suggest you to use the adhesive hook about 24 hours later after you stick it if you want to hang some heavy items.

    Features and Advantages:

    • Rust-less, waterproof & oilproof
    • Heavy Duty Self Adhesive Hook, Max load up to 13Lbs.
    • No tools, no drilling, no screws
    • 180 degree rotation
    • Remove and Reuse

    Bathroom Wall Hook

    • Even in the bathroom shower, the heavy hook will not fall.
    • It has both adhesion and sealing force.
    • It is very useful for hanging in Bathroom Wall.
    • You can hang any type of hanging items.
    • It will not damage your wall and it is removal and reusable wall hook.

    Kitchen Wall Hook

    • Super waterproof, oil resistant, high temperature and low temperature resistant.
    • Drug resistance. Stick the wall hook color White, does not hinder your wall appearance, no holes, high light the part of the top hook directly from the super strong wall, gently pressed where you want to use, simple, fast, firm, reusable.
    • Simply remove the lid from the projection and place the hook on a smooth surface.
    • The surface can be cleaned without damage.

    Product Features

    Country of Origin India
    Type Plastic Hook
    Model DS1627
    Weight 100 gm
    Brand Sabezy DSS

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