Fruit Spreads

Fruity spreads give you tremendous health benefits. They add more taste and health to your boring meal. Some branded fruity spreads add lots of sugar to their spread to make it sweeter, but Dhampur fruity spreads are totally sugar-free as they add jaggery for sweetness. Such a healthier option with no preservatives! You can get healthy fruit spread in delicious flavors like apricot, strawberry, apple, and many more at Also, you can make your meal more healthy and tasty with butterscotch fudge sauce.

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Dhampur Green Apple Spread From Himalayas | No Added Color | Fresh Fruits | 300 gm ( pack of 2 )

₹568.00 ₹598.00

      About : Using traditional English recipes using real Himalayan fruit to make a spread, retaining all the nutrients,     texture and     inherent fruit  aromas, we bring you healthy     conserves for your breakfast or anytime snack. We don’t use pulp, just real fruit so..

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