Sleepcosee | Hoodie Neck Pillow | Red

Sleepcosee | Hoodie Neck Pillow | Red

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    Product Description

    Sleepcosee | Hoodie Neck Pillow | Red

    Our Hoodie Neck Pillows Are Your All-New Comfy & Stylish Travel Companions

    • Is your neck pain making you dead for long travels? Are you worried that a regular pillow isn’t enough to make a fashion statement?
    • Sleepcosee has come with an awe-inducing lineup of travel neck pillows with a hoodie.
    • It can help you comfortably doze off without aggravating any existing pain you might be experiencing.
    • Apart from this, these hoodie-attached neck pillows are extremely adorable making them a great choice of gift for your loved ones.

    Durable Filling For Long-Lasting Fluffiness 

    • Sleepcosee’s travel pillows for neck are made of top-quality ball fibers that can alter the shape of the pillow to align with your neck and spine.
    • This will help you retain your body’s natural spine alignment without hyperextending your neck.

    Breathable Fabric To Facilitate Long-Term Use 

    • Most neck pillow materials cannot be worn for a longer period because they’ll make you feel sultry.
    • The breathable fabric that we use in our hoodie neck pillows facilitates healthy airflow through the period of use which keeps sweat and allergies away.

    Stays Soft On Your Skin 

    • Since our hooded neck pillows leave no room for sweat, allergies and skin abrasions are something you never have to worry about.
    • This makes it a great choice for people who have underlying conditions such as acne, alopecia, and scalp dermatitis.

    Helps You Stay Warm & Private

    • If you’re worried about people looking at you while you’re having a nap, these hoodie neck pillows are a no-brainer.
    • It allows you to have a little privacy which also keeps you warm.
    • The hoodie fabric is thick enough to keep the cold air out while also promoting good airflow.
    Long-lasting Softness

    The top-quality ball fiber fillings adjust to your neck shape while aligning with your spine & shoulder

    Highly Durable fabric

    The fabric regulates airflow for a longer period and so keeps yourself away from excess sweat or allergies 

    Super-Gentle on Skin

    Skin abrasions are impossible with COSEE’s neck pillow and so can be used by anyone who loves comfort in style

    Best for your Me-times

    The hoodie fabric is soft on all skin types & keeps you warm throughout your journey with good airflow.

    Say Goodbye To Neck Pains Without Compromising On Style!

    Product Features

    Recommended use for the product Travelling
    Type Hoodie Neck Pillow
    Model PLNKHRED
    Dimensions 34 x 30 x 10 cm
    Weight 250 g
    Brand Sleepcosee
    Shape Semicircular
    Color Red

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