Renergee Instant 9 Millet Hot & Sour Soup | 240G | 20g X 12 Pack

Renergee Instant 9 Millet Hot & Sour Soup | 240G | 20g X 12 Pack

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    Product Description

    Renergee Instant 9 Millet Hot & Sour Soup | 240G | 20g X 12 Pack

    • Grami’s RENERGEE has a vast variety of natural and healthy energy boosters such as soups and nutrimix drinks to cater for energy and health needs of people. In today’s bustling life, modern consumers solicit products that boost energy but are simultaneously conscious about their health effects.
    • RENERGEE has been developed to satisfy comsumers urges. Drawing its essence from nature, Renergee provides sustained energy as it leverages the power of its natural ingredients such as millets and its complex carbohydrates to provide you with a drink that gives instant yet long-lasting energy.
    • RENERGEE 9 Millets Hot & Sour Vegetable Soup is an antioxidant soup with a delicious taste and high proteins that keep you energetic all day.
    • This all-veggie soup is specially made for vegetarians as an appetite controller.
    • Our soups pack leverages the benefit of natural ingredients unlike other commonly found soups which are formulated with artificial vitamins and flavors.

    Here are some of the important specifications of our Renergee Hot and Sour Vegetable soup:

    • 20g Soup Sachet: 1-Serve
    • All Natural Ingredients
    • No Harmful Preservatives Added

    Product Features

    Country of Origin India
    Ingredient Type Millet (all 9 millets), pulses (green gram, bengal gram, horse gram, corn, toor dal, urad dal), nuts (groundnuts, almonds, cashew nuts), cardamom, flax seeds, vegetable protein, vitamin E, milk solids, tomato powder, onion powder, ginger powder, garlic powder, lemon powder, ashwagandha, citric acid, black pepper, salt, sugar.
    Maximum Shelf Life 6 Months
    Nutrient Content Protein 3.5, Calcium 48.8mg, Iron 1.34mg
    Organic ❌ No
    Product Form Powder
    Quantity 20 g
    Specialty High Protein
    Model JO1111
    Dimensions 10 x 9 x 14 cm ( Pack Of 12 )
    Weight 240g ( Pack Of 12)
    Brand Grami Superfoods
    Package Information Pouch

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