Sakht Babuji | Anjeer Or Fig Pickle

Sakht Babuji | Anjeer Or Fig Pickle

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    Product Description

    Sakht Babuji | Anjeer Or Fig Pickle

    • Like the Babuji of the house, this nut is Sakht (hard) on the outside by mushy on the inside.
    • Made by Navdurge, a self help group from the rural part of Himachal Pradesh, this fig pickle or anjeer ka achar is juicy, sweet and sour delicacy uses anjeers sourced from the local wild forests.
    • The women pass on the love and tradition of their grandmoms "Khasreyaan ra char" to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.

    How is fig pickle or anjeer ka achar made?

    • Figs or anjeers are usually available harvested in towards the end of the first half of the calendar year. 
    • Once harvested, the figs are cleaned, just dried enough so that they retain the internal moisture and cut into but sized pieces
    • The spices are mixed and a paste is created for the shoots to be submerged in
    • Mustard oil is heated and cooled to take away its bitterness
    • Finally all of the spices, the bamboo shoots and oil are mixed and packaged for sale
    • Since we use all natural ingredients in our fig pickle or anjeer ka achar, we are able to preserve it for longer than other pickles with artificial preservatives. In some cases, it is believed in our village, the older the pickle the better tasting it is.

    Why buy our fig pickle - Sakht Babuji?

    • Here are a few things that are unique to Himaavan.
    • Some of our star ingredients are very unique. If not the ingredient itself, the taste is unique because all of our ingredients are sourced locally. Anjeer, in this case also is known to be very good for health.
    • We use more of the "star ingredient" (anjeer in this case) and less "masalas".  Compare it to any other brand, and we are sure you will see the difference.
    • What we eat at our home is what we package and sell - there are no additives to improve shelf life or enhance the taste of the product
    • Since there are no synthetic additives or preservatives, the products are 100% natural. As ironic as it may sound, natural ingredients can last much longer than the artificial preservatives used by many brands
    • Whenever you buy our products, you are helping an all-women self help group in a small village in Himachal who didn't have a chance to showcase their culture to the world before. This is a platform that helps them not only showcase their culinary talent but also gain financial independence. 

    Product Features

    Country of Origin India
    Ingredients Anjeer, Mustard oil, Vinegar, Red chilli, Black cummin, Spinach, Garam masala, White mustard, Black mustard, Red chilli powder
    Type Pickle
    Model HIM4055
    Dimensions ‎10 x 5 x 5 cm
    Weight 175 gm
    Brand Himaavan
    Flavour Anjir & Fig

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