Kitchen Plastic Belan | Rolling Pin | Black

Kitchen Plastic Belan | Rolling Pin | Black

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    Product Description

    Kitchen Plastic Belan | Rolling Pin | Black

    Premium Quality Non-Stick Surface

    • Belan The smooth metallic surface will not stick to your dough. Freeze the rolling pin to keep the dough cool, or alternatively warm it up in water.

    Ergonomic Design & Grip

    • Premier quality tool designed for ease of use and hold. Equipped with bearings to ensure smooth movement. Smooth action easily rolls out pie crusts, dough for bread, biscuits, pastries, pasta, pizza, fondant, cookies, crafting clay, and more.

    Made by Solid Steel - Durable & Long Lasting

    • Quality construction that will last many years. Stainless steel will NOT crack, split, or splinter. Smooth and fluid rolling.

    Prevent Wrist Strain

    • Handle bars prevent unnecessary strain to your wrists, while still giving you control to create uniform and consistent dough. It's a natural extension of your hands.

    Perfect replacement

    • This lightweight, slim rolling pin is perfect replacement for wooden roller pin. It is easy to wash and clean. Its better grip make rotis, doughs, breads, chapati easy to roll. Will never crack, break, or scratch. No oiling or work needed.


    • Non-Stick Stainless Steel for doughs, breads, chapatti etc.
    • Hygienic & Sanitary
    • Durable Construction
    • Smooth and fluid rolling that will last many years.
    • Lightweight and Easy on your Wrists


    • Grip is good
    • Easy to wash and clean it
    • Chef Approved Design
    • Very slim and cute looking
    • Chef Approved size, shape, and design.
    • Dishwasher safe, will not crack, unbreakable, Scratch Proof.

    Product Features

    Country of Origin India
    Type Belan
    Model DS2520
    Weight 78g
    Brand Sabezy DSS
    Material Black

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