Kitchen Small Knife With Cover

Product Description

Kitchen Small Knife With Cover

  • Made of Zirconium Oxide - the best material considered for Ceramic Knives Stays sharp up to 10 times longer than steel knives Weighs about one third of regular steel knives Makes exceptionally clean & accurate cuts
  • Ergonomic Design with Comfortable handle Ceramic blade doesn't oxidize food and hence fruits & vegetables don't turn brown while being cut Hygienic / Non Allergenic / Corrosion Resistant / Non Magnetic
  • Food doesn't stick to the blade while cutting Blade protection cover included for safe storage

Instructions to use:

  • Only to be used on a wooden / plastic chopping board. Not to be used on frozen food / bones / hard crusts. The tip is extremely fragile and must be handled with care. Dropping the product may lead to breaking the blade.

Product Features

Type Knife
Model DS0092
Weight 35g
Brand Sabezy DSS
Material Steel
Special Features Lightweight

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