Sabezy is a seller oriented pure play ecommerce platform based out of India.

Launched with a purpose to help Indian Sellers reach customers in India and across the globe. Before establishing Sabezy we notices that all the existing portals are Buyer-Oriented, and hence we built Sabezy. We take pride in saying that we are a Seller-Oriented Company, hence the name SAB-EZY - Selling And Buying Made Easy.

Our Purpose

We believe in the revolutionary power of technology and aim to improve the world by offering a platform that brings sellers and buyers together in a single community.


We value simplicity and honesty in order to live a life that is honest, grounded, and genuine to oneself.

Our Vision

To deliver a one-stop online shopping experience for Internet users across the region, with a large assortment of products, a social community for exploration, and smooth fulfilment services.


We're kind, fun-loving, and full of energy, and we want to share that excitement with everyone we meet.

Our Ideology

To sum up who we are - how we speak, act, and react in any situation - we are Simple, Happy, and Together. These fundamental characteristics can be seen throughout the Sabezy journey.


We appreciate spending valuable time together when online shopping with friends and family, doing the things we enjoy as a group.

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