Aartyz manufacturing block printing unit

With over 25 distributors and franchisees, we have created a niche among all of our clients. By fulfilling the quality requirements, ensuring timely delivery, and creating designs that are fast-selling and trendy, we have repetitive orders from the same customers!

Our designs have been curated by combining traditional fabrics with block prints and modern silhouettes and cuts. The designs does suit a wide range of wears ranging from traditional to Modern

Be assured of the quality of our products, as we ourselves have undergone three levels of scrutiny before even a single product is dispatched. Resmi web sitesi and mobile uygulama araclyla Mostbet Türkiye adresine giriş yapn.


Following the trends, we create unique, modern and contemporary products with traditional prints and fabrics 

Our artisans are women who have honed their skills to a high level of mastery and craftsmanship.

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