Easy and Portable Finger Tape Cutter For Packing Boxes

Easy and Portable Finger Tape Cutter For Packing Boxes

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    Product Description

    Easy and Portable Finger Tape Cutter For Packing Boxes

    Portable Finger Tape Cutter For Packing Boxes

    • Perfect for Home or Office using this for storage, moving or sending a package to a friend, this tape cutter is designed to last.
    • Made of superior material, wear-resistant and durable enough. With high performance stainless steel blade, anti-rust and labor saving.
    • Ergonomic design, labor saving, make your work easy.
    • Lightweight, portable to carry.


    • Safe and sharp, easy to use, strong, elastic, lightweight, cute and practical, durable, not easy to fade, and can be used for a long time.
    • Suitable for tape, twine, ribbon and similar small items.
    • Most fingers can be adjusted.
    • Mainly suitable for textile, weaving, packaging and other industries, suitable for manual or machine sewing.
    • Very convenient tools for fishing, gardening, pruning and training.
    • The blade is made of SK5 material, which is durable and suitable for finger circumference of 5.5cm-6cm.
    • It is suitable for finger measurement.
    • The ring knife is designed with an opening and will automatically expand, but it will feel tighter if it is larger than the size of the logo.
    • The outer plastic material has good ductility and is not easy to break.
    • Crack, good quality and safer.
    • Because the shell has the function of protecting the knife, it is recommended not to buy shell products with fragile return material to avoid cuts caused by collapse.
    • The main component, namely the blade, has stricter production requirements, longer life span and higher cutting efficiency.


    • Material: plastic
    • Diameter: 20mm (0.79in)
    • Height: 17mm (0.66in)
    • Color: as per avaibility
    • Packing quantity: 6PCS Finger Ring Thread Cutters (2PCS for each color)

    Product Features

    Type Finger Tape Cutter
    Model DS1674
    Weight 23gm
    Brand Sabezy DSS
    Material Plastic

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