Foot Scrubber For Dead Skin

Product Description

Foot Scrubber For Dead Skin

Pedicure Foot care - Foot Scrapper Brush
Foot scrapper effectively removes all degrees of hard skin, corn and callus

Comfortable, Safe & Precise
304 Premium stainless steel, precision micro-files and an ergonomic design ensures comfort and accuracy. Safe for use on wet or dry skin

Perfect for Pedicures
Remove stains, dead skin, corns and calluses, renew your feet skin with the exfoliating power of this natural pumice stone, give your feet a healthy glow!

How to use
Soak feet in water for 10 to 15 minutes.
Use the coarse side (1 dot on file head) to remove rough, dry skin.

How it works
Foot Scrapper has remove rough, dry skin and one to buff skin smooth.

Removes rough, dry skin to leave feet soft and smooth.

- Individualized treatment, removes hard skin sitting at home.
- Excellent brush with stiff bristles gives you the best cleaning power.
- The Good quality feet care brush is extremely long lasting and durable.

Product Features

Type Foot Scrubber
Model DS1480
Weight 42gm
Brand Sabezy DSS

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