Indus Hemp, a brand by INDICANNACO (Indian Cannabis Company) has come up with an exceptional combination of sustainable Nutritional, Personal Care, Pet Care and Wellness Products (both Oral and Topical) that are of high-quality and exclusive to our customers.

Indus Hemp is a proud product of India and the seed is procured from our growers and tested and certified, so customers know what to expect in terms of quality. It is one of the fastest growing Hemp Foods, Hemp Care, Hemp Pet Care, and Hemp Wellness Manufacturer, Retailer Wholesaler and Exporter. “We are Hemp’s biggest fans, committed to advocating and educating the world about its powerful benefits. We earn trust the Indus Hemp way, letting our values guide our decision making from Seed to Shelf”

Our Hemp Seed contains less than 0.1% THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) which means it’s safe to consume and is loaded with Omega EFA’s and Amino Fatty Acids. Indus Hemp is a home-grown company that is trusted by our customers as we choose to promote only sustainable Hemp since the world is opting for a plant-based lifestyle. We make Customers for Life and NOT just a Sale!

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