KikiBix Assorted Pack | Gluten Free | Sugar Free | Cookies 150g (pack of 2)

KikiBix Assorted Pack | Gluten Free | Sugar Free | Cookies 150g (pack of 2)

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    Product Description

    KikiBix Assorted Pack | Gluten Free | Sugar Free | Cookies 150g (pack of 2)

    • FOR ALL AGE GROUPS : The fact that we use no artificial colors, preservatives, chemicals makes it the perfect snack for kids, adults and parents and the easy to carry pouches that’s travel friendly and also tiffin friendly.
    • TASTY & HEALTHY : We make our products with natural ingredients, whole grains, unrefined flours, mixes of nuts and seeds with no palm oil or any other refined, hydrogenated oil/fat which will keep you full for a longer time.
    • HANDPICKED INGREDIENTS : Our flour is ground inhouse, ensuring freshness and minimizing contamination an every product is handmade and hygienically packed in small fresh batches and goes through various rounds of quality check before it is shipped
    • NO NASTIES : We believe you should never have to search about any unknown chemical/ ingredient in any food/ snack, we use simple understandable ingredients which you will find in your kitchen pantry as well.
    • OUR MISSION : Unprocessed eating is the future, to maintain health, immunity & fitness. Our mission is to provide a natural and healthy alternative to snacking.

    Product Features

    Allergen Information Made In A Facility Handling Gluten, Nuts, Milk, Soy.
    Container Type Box
    Country of Origin India
    Ingredients Butter, Raisins, Milk, Ghee, Almonds, Arabica Coffee, Chana Sattu, Oats Flour, Saunf, Rolled Oats, Honey, Apricot, Cinnamon, Ginger, Beetroot Puree, Cocoa Powder, Curd Whey, Baking Powder, Himalayan Pink Salt And Nothing Else
    Nutritional Information ✅Dried Cranberry: Super-rich in Vitamin C & helps maintain body weight and supplies adequate essential dietary fibers and proteins. ✅Pumpkin Seeds: Rich in vitamins and minerals helps boost metabolism. ✅Jaggery: Rich in iron & potassium helps prevent respiratory problems and helps control blood pressure, minerals, purifies the body and also helps with weight loss. ✅Ragi Flour: rich source of calcium. ✅Dark Chocolate: Rich in antioxidants it is indeed a mood elevator. ✅Orange Zest: vitamin C for a healthy skin. ✅Channa Sattu Flour: Rich source of protein & builds the body’s immunity, keeping diseases at bay just like our dadi/nani used to say. ✅Almonds: High in protein & great for hair and skin. Absolutely ideal as a post-workout snack. ✅Honey: antibacterial and antifungal properties. ✅Jowar flour: Rich source of protein that boosts immunity, helps in digestion & improves heart health, gut friendly. ✅Turmeric: has anti-inflammatory properties. ✅Tulsi: natural immunity booster. ✅Beetroot puree: Rich in folate acts as a blood purifier. ✅Dried Figs: great source of iron. ✅Black Sesame Seeds: rich in antioxidants. ✅Fennel: good source of potassium.
    Quantity ✅14 pcs 150 grams ✅28 pcs 300 grams ✅56 pcs 600 grams
    Specialty ❌No refined sugar ❌No vegetable oil ❌No preservatives ❌No emulsifiers
    Type Cookies
    Model KK7013
    Dimensions 18 x 9 x 9 cm
    Weight 150 g each (300 g)
    Brand KIKIBIX

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