Natural Bamboo Wooden Skewers / BBQ Sticks for Barbeque and Grilling

Product Description

Natural Bamboo Wooden Skewers / BBQ Sticks for Barbeque and Grilling

Natural Bamboo Skewers Wooden Barbecue Sticks for BBQ Roast Kabab Grill Chicken Tikka Fruit Salad (Multicolor)

  • These Elegant Casa bamboo skewers sticks are being offered in wood color and perfect for use.
  • The 4-inch size of the sticks makes them ideal for use on the oven and grills for cooking your favorite dish.
  • Quality is destined to not be a matter of concern for you as all the sticks are made with the use of the best quality bamboo.
  • You can ideally use these bamboo sticks on any occasion accordingly as per your need.


  • The Elegant Casa Natural Bamboo Skewers are eco-friendly and perfect for use.
  • All of the offered bamboo skewers are made with the use of bamboo pressure treated natural material, without any chemicals.

Ideal for Various Occasions

  • It is great for use on various occasions, parties, events, food catering, or for any home use purposes.
  • You can ideally use the sticks on the oven or grills to cook several eatables from time to time.

Ideal Size, No Use of Chemicals

  • When it comes to the size of the sticks, they are 8 inches in size.
  • We dont use chemicals to smooth-en the sticks, nor bleach to look whitish, whatever color that is visible comes naturally.

Product Features

Type Wooden Skewers
Model DS1116
Weight 80gm
Brand Sabezy DSS
Material Bamboo

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