Professional Cotton Oven Mitt Gloves

Product Description

Professional Cotton Oven Mitt Gloves

Professional Cotton Oven Mitt gloves

Designer multicoloured oven mitt and pot holder. Our kitchen oven hand gloves and pot holder are the biggest in size compared to other in the market. Material and print quality is the available in the market. Go on and enjoy this beautifully created product. Kitchen oven hand gloves and accessories with strikingly exquisite designs.

  • This Pot Holder will Resist Flames for 10 Seconds,before catching alight,However as soon as its withdrawn form the flame source,The flames will extinguish.
  • Spot Clean only,Washing not recommended as this will diminish the effectiveness of the flame retardant coating

Product Features

Country of Origin India
Type Oven Mitt Gloves
Model DS2770
Dimensions ‎17 x3 x 23 cm
Weight 250 g
Brand Sabezy DSS
Material Cotton
Shape ‎Hand

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