Wall Mounted Storage Box Remote Storage Organizer Case (Multicolour)

Product Description

Wall Mounted Storage Box Remote Storage Organizer Case (Multicolour)

Wall Mounted Storage Case with Mobile Phone Charging Port Plug Holder

  • Rectangular hole charging under the remote control bracket is convenient for fixing mobile phones.
  • It is suitable for storing cell phone.
  • You can install them on the fridge, the side of the desk, the wall near the bed, and anywhere you want.
  • Simple does not cause damage, no screw accessories are required at all.

Multipurpose Use Design

  • This wall stand is only a For mobile.
  • Built-in charging jack for easy charging, anti-slip mat on the edge to prevent the phone and tablet from falling.

Perfect For Mobile Stand

  • They can storage phone, with charging hole at the bottom, intimate design, more convenient, you can stick the wall mount storage boxes.

Charging hole at the bottom

  • The bottom of the box is equipped with a mobile phone charging port.
  • Which can accommodate both charging.

Product Features

Type Remote Storage Organizer Case
Model DS1379
Weight 96gm
Brand Sabezy DSS
Material Plastic
Finish Type Polished
Mounting Type Wall Mount
Specific Uses For Product Stationery

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