Heat Resistant Non Slip Oven Mitts Gloves | 1pc

Product Description

Heat Resistant Non Slip Oven Mitts Gloves | 1pc

A Kitchen Essential for Home Cooks / Bakers

  • if you are removing a baked pizza or cast iron skillet from the oven, a pasta dish or pots from the stove top, a bowl of soup from the microwave or a hot plate from the grill, these Cuisinart oven mitts are a Great gift idea for Christmas, Holidays, Mother's Day, Dinner Parties, Birthdays, Hostess gift, Housewarming and more.

Heat Resistant Oven Mitts

  • Offering protection up to 450°F, this daily home essential offers improved comfort while cooking and grilling. These oven mitts are essential for protecting your hands and handling hot pots, pans, casseroles, etc.

Multi-Purpose and Versatile

  • Oven glove just perfect for cooking, baking, broiling, handling that hot topper, and much more! No matter what you use them for, MYCARTs gloves provide safety, making it an essential kitchen/cooking accessory.

Protect your Hands in the Kitchen

  • For secure and comfortable handling of hot cookware, great for right and left-handed use

Comfortable and Flexible

  • These gloves provide a perfect mix of excellent dexterity and snug comfort. They eliminate the restrictions of mittens for an improved grip and greater flexibility, much more flexible than silicone. The also prevents odors while grilling.

Easy to Clean

  • Flexible waterproof neoprene coating on this glove is resistant to heat, grease, oil, water and stains even chemical liquid. Simply rinse the gloves clean in the kitchen sink. It is also machine washable for thorough cleaning.

Widely Used

  • These grilling gloves aren't just for BBQ, they're great for brewing beer, frying turkeys and all kinds of activities where you need hand and forearm protection.

Product Features

Set Of 1pc
Model DS0675
Weight 644g
Brand Sabezy DSS
Material Polyester, Cotton
Shape Hand
Special Features Comfortable and Flexible, Easy to Clean

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